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Writer and Creator from Starship Earth

Makrenna Rose Sterdan is a producer and writer. Born in Winnipeg, MB, Sterdan has had work produced in Canada, America, and South Korea.

She currently lives in Taiwan, where she focuses on writing projects and creating new works of writing.

She lives with her favourite editor, her beloved dog, Tianzu.

Personal Blog


Iris Yudai, CBC News

Playwright/director Makrenna Rose Sterdan has an ear for dialogue, and like a good therapist, slowly reveals the truth . . . she’s a talent to watch.

Bryan Stubbles, Front Row Reviewers, Utah

The Cast is hilarious. Timing is on point. Director Sterdan handled the piece well . . . Great work in an anarchic play!”

Tacoma Weekly Review

One of my personal favorites was Makrenna Rose Sterdan’s “The Geese” in which a groom (. . .) and the brother of the bride (. . .) are trapped by a flock of Canadian geese and have to figure out how to get through them in time for the wedding.

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