Leaving Malaysia With Love

Yet again, Wednesday is both blog upload day, and the day of a major event! Huzzah!

Today, I am leaving Malaysia. I stayed here for a month and a half, and it was memorable and wonderful.

I thought about how best to write about leaving Malaysia. A top five things from Malaysia? Or a poem? Pictures with captions?

And then, I thought . . . I'm going to share specific moments that were memorable for me. Like, little snippets that are ingrained in my memory. Writing them one after another so it's like a mosaic of events.

So, here goes, a list of memories:

Arriving in Malaysia after 36 hours of travel, and going straight to a motel to try and sleep . . . being interrupted by the kids down the hall who were watching Sophia the First.

Checking into my AirBnB, and meeting my host who was kind enough to call me a Grab Car.

Starting my online teaching shift later that very night, after scarfing down some pasta from the Starbucks nearby.

How I put my suitcase in the wardrobe and never actually unpacked it at all.

Going to The Coffee Bean for my first cafe writing trip, and sitting near the window.

Ordering Korean food from a restaurant nearby, and talking in Korean to the owner, a lovely woman from Suwon.

Struggling to figure out how free wifi works here: inputting the wifi password from the receipt into your computer and only having two hours.

Seeing Hartamas Mall, and needing days to actually find the door to get in.

Stopping by a cafe, ordering a type of toast, and needing to wonder what it was . . . I think it was, like, salmon and avocado? Delicious anyway.

The barista in Starbucks telling me if I ordered their newest drink, he would "make it the best".

Having a girls night out with a couple of Aussie science majors who really wanted to open a bar, and who were heavyweights when it came to alcohol.

The man in my apartment building I kept running into, the one who lived in Quebec for a long time and laughed with me about cold weather (thankful we aren't there!)

Meeting a new friend, who took me to get Indian food at a restaurant, and talking dating/relationships.

Spending the day at the National Eye Hospital, and how my AirBnB host came to make sure I wasn't too too too lost (because, honestly, I was pretty lost)

Meeting my optometrist, and having her tell me if I'm spending Christmas alone she would drag me to church (very nice woman . . . lied about having plans, though).

The macaw at KL Bird Park that nipped my finger because I tried to pet it . . . I can't be trusted around animals.

Walking around the Bird Park, several birds just walking freely, and thinking . . . the birds here are so happy.

Needing to sign my name and address in a book at the pharmacy since ibuprofen isn't over the counter here.

Going to the Batu Caves, which were full of monkeys, garbage (seriously, why do tourists litter?), and BEAUTIFUL Hindu artwork.

Climbing the giant stairs at the Batu caves, and meeting someone from the UK about halfway up the climb—losing touch with her when I needed to sit down.

Staggering about at midnight New Years Eve and stumbling upon a beautiful fireworks show (two, actually, one to the left of me, and one to the right).

Printing my visa application for China, and needing to go back to the print shop because I made a mistake the first time round . . . luckily, they were very nice.

Going on my one and only date here, and we ordered a tower which had the words "soju tower" written in hangul at the top.

In the same date, experiencing Korean drinking: Malaysia-style.

Going to Patronas Towers, to find that their tickets for the day were already sold out and . . . feeling oddly okay with that, since I was hungry, and instead got to go for sushi.

Talking to a general practitioner and actually feeling like . . . she's giving me all the time I need to explain what I need to do, instead of rushing me through to get to her next patient.

For the first time, getting a caramel macchiato with whipped cream on it.

Going to the lake park and seeing this (oddly cute) lizard.

That one building that was never quite finished, and had several beams poking out of the top.

Visiting the national museum and thinking . . . wow. Everything here is beautiful. Humans are not a utilitarian species. Like, it's not enough to make a sword. It has to be pretty.

My last day of online teaching, and feeling relieved the next day because I could write.

Going to cafes and getting a lot of writing done each day.

FaceTiming my mom so she could see the neighbourhood, but missing her most times—and teasing her because she wanted to see the neighbourhood.

Talking over FaceTime with my mentor about Red Lips Productions and where it's going.

Looking at my Kobo eBooks account, and seeing I sold my very first book.

Going for a last minute adventure with my AirBnB host, where he introduced me to a popular mall, delicious fusion food, and lunar new year decorations (he was a great photographer).

So, goodbye Malaysia, with love <3


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