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Updated: Jan 27

We always need a place to write . . . why be conventional about it?

On Wednesday, November 27th, 2019, I’ll be on an airplane on my way to Malaysia.

This long trip, travelling to a new place, and spending the next 36 hours in transit has gotten me thinking about places, and how writing in certain places just felt right.

To celebrate travelling, I’ve made a list of some of the most memorable locations where I’ve found myself writing.


Just going for the obvious. Some of my favourite times to write have been on airplanes. Not because airplanes are particularly conducive to writing, but because I cannot sleep on airplanes, and somehow that leads to creativity. Also, if I’m going to watch 14 hours worth of movies, I need at least an hour of writing to feel good about myself.


Back in apartment in South Korea, I didn’t have a lot of desk space. Or a lot of space period. I loved that apartment. Well, my usual table for writing was cluttered, and I had a deadline, so I let the rabbits out of the cage so they could run around the apartment. While they ran around my home, I worked on top of theirs. It wasn’t like my typing was bother them or anything, although the two bunnies took to biting my toes anyway. Gotta’ love rabbits!


Back when I was working on writing Zombies to the Left of Me, Survivors to the Right, I was travelling with a friend on the subway. She was listening to music, and I bothered her every few minutes to point out the latest joke I wrote, and how funny I was.


I used to carry around a little notebook. One night, I was out clubbing with friends in Hongdae. I started to get anxious surrounded by so many people, so I left to catch my breath. So there I was at 1AM in the morning. I walked down the Club Street (slightly intoxicated) and set myself down next to a pizza restaurant and wrote some poetry. Looking back, it was pretty terrible poetry. But, I remember that night and how people kept passing by me . . . with pizza. It calmed me down. And made me crave pizza.


Outdoor writing is pretty sweet. Especially since, when you write in public, people like to stop and talk to you. I think the most interesting outdoor writing conversation I’ve had was one day in Seokchon Lake Park. I had an older man approach me, and he talked about how he was a principal at an International School. He also told me how he rescued over 10 cats from this very park, and they lived in his office. I was impressed at how writing by myself invited this conversation.


Once upon a time, there was a Garbonzo’s at the University of Winnipeg. One day in particular, I went there alone and worked on a novel. I remembered the atmosphere, and also how I drank a delicious beer I have never been able to find again since. Also, I was super productive.

So, there you have it! Some of the places I’ve written.

How about you? Any unique places, or stories/memories about writing in those places?

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