Love Me Some Instagram

Updated: Jan 27

I remember when I got my first Like on Instagram. It was literally five seconds after I made my first post—and the post itself was nothing special.

I just took a quick phone shot of my laptop screen where my Etsy store, Rose Republic Finds, was pulled up. The Etsy store, as well, was absolutely, nothing special.

It was a rush. Here was someone that I had never met before, who “liked” what I was doing.

It turns out the company was Urnspirations, a company that sold special urns for deceased pets. I only mention this because it makes for a good story. Plus, Urnspirations’ designs are really beautiful.

But that’s besides the point. I got hooked on Instagram really fast.

If I had to boil down what I love about Instagram, here would be the top three things.

1) Being able to reach and connect to people all around the world. Isn’t this what artists want? The ability to make connections with people. I had no ideas Urnspirations existed, and they had no idea I existed, until there was a like on my page.

2) Connecting with other artists. Some of my first followers were writers just like me who were posting their work on Instagram. I went out and could find others who were going on the same journey I was.

3) It’s free to use. If you’re a writer, doesn’t it feel like there’s ads everywhere for paid help promoting work, or courses you have to pay for? Instagram is free to use, which makes it a great platform to promote work.

So, there you have it! These are three things that I love about Instagram.

My First Instagram Post (nothing special, right?)


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