New Name, New Brand

Blank slate has a brand new meaning with modern day branding

So, if you've been following this blog, my Instagram, or my Facebook page, you would notice the name change from Rose Republic to Makrenna Rose. Whoa! Sudden name change! From something pretty (albeit anonymous), to a real name.


Why why why?


I've been working to start a business and one of the first things I've been told is, "You need to find a brand for yourself."

What's your brand.

What do you have to offer, simply, in one sentence, elevator pitch, yeah yeah yeah . . .


So, for this blog, here are some thoughts about the process of branding. Because, if there's one thing I've learned through doing it, it's that it's a process.

So, some thoughts:


Am I the only entrepreneur who see the irony that the word "brand" also means red-hot iron stamp something onto your skin?

Is that what branding really is? You want to create a brand for yourself, so you essentially burn an identity into yourself? Or, burn an identify for yourself on the brains of everyone else?


That's what it feels like sometimes. Writing and marketing writing are two different things. Somehow, it almost feels like I'm starting over again if I'm being perfectly honest. As a writer, there were so many skills to learn, through practice, feedback, submissions . . . structuring a story, creating characters, dialogue, etc.

Now, with trying to run a business and essentially convince people I'm a writer (and, by extension, they should read my work), there's a bunch of other skills to learn. Social media. Website creation. Hashtags. Audience engagement.

And the crux of all of these new skills is branding. Because everything else I do needs to relate back to the brand.


People like to ask me, "what do you write?" and I like to answer, "Whatever I feel like."

Writing is something I love to do, but I struggle to be one thing. Are we supposed to only write one genre, one type of story? That's the marketing training kicking in. Like, the writer in me wants to write literally everything (stage and screenplays of all genres . . . oh, and novels).

But the marketing person in me is wondering how to reconcile all the different genres to effectively make a commercial out of this website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


So . . . how to brand?

I'm no marketing person. But here's what I've figured as of July 8th, 2020 (prepare for updates further down the road).

Through a completely overused cliche. Shakespeare once said, "What's in a name?"

Everything. Everything is in a name.

So, no pressure to the name makrenna rose, but you've got to say everything about me.

Basically, I chose to go with makrenna rose because it's my first and middle name. It's pretty. I like it. Also, I'm the only Makrenna (note that there's an "r" after the "k").

Benefits to having an original name.


©2019 by Makrenna Rose