• Makrenna Sterdan

I Don't Love Him - NanoWrimo Clips!

Updated: Jan 12

Despite her efforts to convince herself it's "just a crush," 23 year old Ariel gets caught up in WW3 war efforts. She ends up working for him, becoming his confidant, and ultimately needing to decide between him and her country. Good thing she doesn't love him, right?

Below are some highlights from writing this novel for NanoWrimo!

There are many ways to deliver a coffee, and each way has its own unique consequences. Should I knock on the door and possibly interrupt him? Or peek in and possibly invade his privacy? What if I left it outside his door? As I thought over the possibilities, I was luckily interrupted by a deep voice asking me to come in.

The water tasted sweet, and I don't think it was because I was dehydrated (as everyone was these days). I think there were some chemicals in the water. The stolen drops that were running down my forearm barely hit the spot, so I thought of ways I could lap up a few more without the security camera in the corner catching me.

If I needed another reason I couldn't love him, his wife and child gave me reason enough. Or so I thought. Things these days never seem to mean what you think they do, do they?

See, Luke was tricky. When we talked, we shared the same common ground and the same values. But when it came time to make an actual decision that would impact other people, he would waltz right claiming it "wasn't that simple."

Tori and I connected immediately. We didn't need to speak a lot for our pessimism and negativity to bond us forever. A single scowl from him said a million words.

What followed was somewhere between a job interview and treason.

I wanted to know everything. EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, and the apocalypse.

Seeing Jessica for possibly the last time . . . it completely broke my heart. And what fell through the cracks was nothing less than pure rage. I wanted to kill someone—and Luke was the nearest room I could think of. At the very least, I should have lost my job for the way I barged into his office, clearly drunk, screaming profanities at his face, and smacking every award on his shelf to the ground.

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