Post Show Rollercoaster

Last week, Love Letters for Juliet played. It was really great production that took months to put together. Months to put together that single performance.

And then it was over.

It made me think of all of the other productions I’ve worked on in live theatre. Finishing a show is always a bittersweet moment. After all . . .

You’ve rehearsed this play with your cast mates and crew. You’ve been bonded in putting together a project. You’ve seen each other every week, and gotten to know them.

Then, after a run of live performances, you’re all finished. That’s it. You’re not rehearsing anymore. You’re not going to see each other regularly again unless you pick up another project with them.

This is it.

There is an entire rollercoaster of emotions when you finish a theatre show. Let’s look at a few of those emotions:


Right after a show, there is an amazing rush of adrenaline. It’s AMAZING! It feels great! YOU PUT ON A SHOW!!! YOU’RE AN AWESOME CREATIVE PERSON!!!


As wonderful as a theatre show is, there is a lot of anxiety that goes into it. Will the show go well? Will you remember your lines? Will you pull it off? Then, once the show is finished, you can have a sigh of relief. For better or worse, it’s finished.


Do you know how much work it takes to put on a show? It takes a lot of energy to pull it off. It takes so much energy that even when you’re sleeping you’re thinking of the show (and therefore still working on it). Now that the show’s over, you can sleep for a week and RELAX.


The anxiety to put on a show can make you feel sick pre show. But post-show, it’s not uncommon to get a cold or the flu. Many theatre artists will tell you of post-show illness.


It’s over. The end of an era. That’s a little sad.


Did the show go the way you thought it would? Were your audiences as big and responsive as you’d hoped? Many theatre artists do a post mortem on the show and ask the big questions as a way to reflect on the previous show, and plan for the next one.


You made a project! You put on a show! It feels AMAZING! If friends and family came out to support you, it can feel especially amazing.


It’s time for your next project! If you’re a theatre artist, you’ve probably gotten another project all lined up. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a good week’s sleep before the start of it.

So that’s the rollercoaster of emotions.

Are there any other emotions you feel after a show? Write them below!


©2019 by Makrenna Rose