Why Now and What?

Updated: Jan 27

I have tried to start blog writing several times before. It’s supposed to be a good thing for writers to do, right?

But I failed.

There was one main thing that always got in the way of actually posting a blog, and keeping it running.

So you might be wondering. Why now? Why on Earth am I writing a blog now? What is that one thing exactly that kept me from this.

Simple. The thing is confidence. Like, who am I to write about myself and the writing life?

For the first blog post, I’m going to talk about building confidence, and what I do when I’m feeling a little low.

1) Just keep writing. They say 10 000 hours in everything makes you an expert. But, realistically, some people might feel more qualified sooner than 10 000, or need a lot longer.

2) Take a writing class, or read more about writing theory online. Sometimes, through experience writing, you learn some things through doing. But you might feel a little more confidence if you can put a name to the things you’ve learned.

3) Take stock of the things you’ve completed. Even just getting a first draft done is something to be proud of. If you haven’t completed a first draft yet, then refer to step one.

There you have it! Three confidence building steps if you’re feeling a little bit unsure at this point in your writing career.

Getting This up and Running Finally!


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