Writers Block?

Updated: Jan 27

Have you ever gotten writer’s block?

Yeah, me too.

It’s not fun to have writer’s block. I mean, if you’re a writer, it’s because you want to write. But then, inevitably, at any point in the writers process there’s just this question of . . . But what on Earth do I write next?

I’m going to share what I do when I have writers block.

One: Having writers block isn’t an absence of ideas. It’s an absence of good ideas. So, if I have writer’s block, I will often just pick one idea, one storyline, and just keep writing until I get myself back on track. It’s like creating a plank to join two ledges. If it’s the first draft, then I’ll fix the “plank” the next draft and create a permanent bridge between these two ledges.

Two: This is probably my favourite one. And, I say favourite because it’s the one I most often find myself doing (especially if I’ve got a deadline . . .) I put in earbuds, and I choose one song that I find inspires the story. Something that I think relates to the themes and how it’s supposed to go. Then, I put that song on repeat, force myself to sit down and write until the end. This tactic has generated many terrible drafts, but shortly after writing the terrible drafts come something actually good.

Three: Work on another project for a while. If one project has you less than jazzed, you can always work on something new for a while until you get back in the swing of the original project. As a warning, though, be very cautious. Because a little vacation from a project can help you get back into it. But if you never get back to it—that’s not a vacation, that’s giving the project up. So, if you have to, refer to steps one and two to get back into your project!

So, there you have it! Three things to do during writer’s block.

’Til next week!

Writers Block? Me too.


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