10 Minute Play Anthology

10 Minute Play Anthology

This anthology includes eleven 10-minute stage plays. Some are laugh out loud ridiculous, some are feelgood plays with happy endings. All in all, there's a play for everyone in here. 

Included in this volume:

The Geese
On the big day, a groom is trapped in a golf rental store by Canada Geese. With the help of his best man, will they be able to escape and make it in time?

Last Chance
A bullied teen has one last chance to win her soul back—but first she has to think of a challenge she can best the Devil at. 

Breakup Screenplay
After a breakup, a young woman writes a screenplay as part of the healing process. Conflict arises when she asks her professional screenplay writer friend to edit it for her. 

Dying to Audition
Determined to make it, an aspiring actress attends auditions—even after she dies and becomes a ghost. Can her guardian angel finally help her cross over after years of trying? 

Good Morning
Maybe she’s a spy, or maybe she has a rare condition. Either way, she can’t remember how she got there, who her roommate is, and whether she’s in danger or not. 

Like Honesty
His former students agreed to help him edit his novel. But this teacher has trouble taking constructive feedback from now-grown up students who used to look up to him.

Sugar High
After growing up with a clean, vegan diet, a teenage girl discovers refined sugar—and has no intention to ever end this sugar high.

The Perfect House
A newlywed couple has found the perfect house, only there’s one caveat: it’s haunted. 

Zombie Apocalypse
During the zombie apocalypse, there’s only one thing that save this group of survivors. Menstrual blood has never been more practical.

Heartbroken and needing some advice, she really needs a straight answer from Lady Love herself.