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Science Fiction Comics and Animation

Michelle Knight was a normal human living in the 21st century—before she got abducted by the dreaded Sindiants. Suddenly, she is a prisoner in their science lab hundreds of years in the future, thousands of light years away from Earth. To escape, she needs to work with the other prisoners. Among them are: Hope, a dragon-like alien with genetic enhancements; Geni and Tren, both engineers; Merri Sun, a human pilot from a million years in the future; Todori, a master of combat; and Soul, an alien on a mission of redemption for her mistakes in the past. 
After a successful escape, they realize that freedom is not enough. The Sindiants, and all their allies, need to be stopped. It won’t be easy, but they vow to do it. What’s more, they vow to do it without the use of physical violence. To stop the Sindiants will take the most valuable weapons of all: deception, creativity, and thievery. It will take all their wits to outsmart the Sindiants and put an end to their reign of terror once and for all. The crew of the starship Asylum is up to the task.



Comic Book Series

It's the apocalypse. Vampires have taken over the world, and their henchmen blood suckers roam the Earth to bring in the remnants of humanity for blood harvesting. As if that's not bad enough, the survivors have to compete with each other for resources. Out of this mayhem comes Fox, a woman who has been living as a fox for the last several months. When the people of Avalon recruit her for her fighting skills, she has to remember what it means to be human. But all the joys, heartache, and even love that comes with humanity might be more than she can bear. Luckily, she has a crew of people who are willing to help her shoulder that burden, and enough blood suckers to fight she doesn't have to think too much.

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The Faith(ful) Series

Novella Series

When Faith Senior was dying, she bound a demon to her daughter's soul to "protect her from her enemies until her 18th birthday." But, in the throes of death, she forgot the cardinal rule of demon binding: be specific. Once Faith Junior turns 18, she must deal with the aftermath of her mother's binding spell—a demon who has grown attached to guarding her, her mother's former enemies who can now find her, and her own inner demon which, repressed for so long, is dying to get out.

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I Am the Rabbit

Speculative Fiction Novel

Ariel is a nobody—and that's the first thing she'd tell you. It's World War Three, and she's caught in the tides, trying to figure out what the future holds. But then, she catches the attention of the American liaison. What happens when she finally has the power to do something that can change the world? Will she hold onto her beliefs, or give into the temptations of luxury?




100 reasons why a character talks. Babbel is a book of essays that explores language as a functional tool.


Hrimfaxi Adventures

Animated Series

While following a strange-acting drone, the crew of starship Hrimfaxi get caught up in a far-out adventure, complete with pirates.


Works Seeking a Home

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Short Comedic Screenplay

An instructional video for an important skill: napping at the airport when you've got a long layover. Disclaimer: advice may or may not be good, use at your own discretion.

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Short Abstract Film

A short, abstract film exploring the relationship of art, time, and falling.

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Short Screenplay

Sometimes, after the death of a pet, all your kids need are their closest friends for comfort. And some witchcraft might help, too.