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Science Fiction

Michelle Knight used to be a human from the 21st century. Then, she woke up in an alien lab hundreds of years in the future, thousands of light years away. To escape, she needs to band with the other subjects—but can they with the experimentation inflicted on them?

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I Am the Rabbit

Comic Book

Despite her efforts to convince herself it's "just a crush," 23 year old Ariel gets caught up in WW3 war efforts. She ends up working for him, becoming his confidant, and ultimately needing to decide between him and her country. Good thing she doesn't love him, right?




100 reasons why a character talks. Babbel is a book of essays that explores language as a functional tool.


Under Construction

Science Fiction

The usage of human test subjects is commonplace and ethical—so why does psychologist, Tyr, get a bad feeling when she meets Dawn, her new HTS?


Hrimfaxi Adventures

Animated Series

While following a strange-acting drone, the crew of starship Hrimfaxi get caught up in a far-out adventure, complete with pirates.

Coming Soon!